Miami Dentist Warns: Take Care with Teeth Whitening

bright smiles 300x199 Miami Dentist Warns: Take Care with Teeth WhiteningTooth stains and discoloration can happen so often and so naturally that many people have made professional teeth whitening a habit.  When performed once in a while to brighten your smile, the side effects of the cosmetic treatment are typically minimal. However, relying on professional teeth whitening too heavily for the glory of your smile can have a few negative effects on your oral health, and may delay the detection of dental diseases. To help you safely brighten your smile and maintain its shine, Miami cosmetic dentist Dr. Arun Garg explains some side effects of excessive teeth whitening and offers a few tips for keeping your smile blemish free.

Issues with Constant Bleaching

Patients can often experience dental sensitivity immediately following a professional teeth whitening procedure. The potent bleaching agents can irritate your teeth and gums, and if you expose your mouth to them consistently, they can seep in and damage your oral tissues. Also, tooth blemishes can often by symptomatic of certain dental health issues, and whitening your teeth can cause you to miss an early warning of a serious dental health issue. While touching up your smile once in a while is typically harmless, you should first ensure that your mouth is free of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental diseases before manipulating your smile’s appearance. Continue reading

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Miami Dentist Explains Reasons to Smile, Part 2

beautiful woman with a coy smile 200x300 Miami Dentist Explains Reasons to Smile, Part 2Last week, we discussed a few of the benefits of a confident smile, including an improved mood and atmosphere as others smile along with you.  However, as complex and universally recognized as a smile is, it can also provide a beneficial and subtle means of communication. Even when we are not aware of the fact, we use our smiles for specific purposes in certain situations, conveying all sorts of signals that may not otherwise be conveyed. Continuing our glimpse into the benefits of smiling, Miami dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, explores the lesser known values of the pleasant expression.

The Hidden Benefits of Smiling

  • Garner trust—According to a study that examined smiling and the perception of trust, people who smile are more often seen as altruistic and trustworthy. The research suggests that in situations where sharing was an important component, participants exhibited more genuine smiles than in the control portion of the study. Apparently, if you want someone to trust you, try smiling at them. Continue reading
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Miami Dentist Explains Reasons to Smile

smiling bright 300x200 Miami Dentist Explains Reasons to SmileHow confident is your smile? The issues that can affect your dental issues are numerous, and when visible signs mar your smile (i.e., stained, decayed, or damaged teeth), you may be less likely to show your smile as often as you otherwise would. If you prefer a surly demeanor, then a shy smile may not affect your outlook. However, a smile can provide many benefits to those who employ theirs often. Miami dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, provides a wide variety of services to transform your smile into one you’ll be proud to show, allowing you to reap the benefits of a confident, consistent smile.

The Benefits of Smiling

  • Be happy–When you smile, those around you believe you are content. Your body also perceives your apparent happiness and responds by releasing its natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins. If you feel down, try pasting a smile to your face to lift your mood. Continue reading
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