Post-Op Instructions from Your North Miami Implant Dentist

woman with healthy smile 300x200 Post Op Instructions from Your North Miami Implant DentistIf you are a patient of ours or a regular reader of our blog, then the advantages of dental implants for replacing lost teeth should be no secret. Filling the gaps left by vacated teeth can helps restore the esthetic value of your smile and some of its function, but optimal results require implants to replace the lost teeth’s roots, as well. With proper care and maintenance, your implants can last as long as your natural teeth were meant to (a lifetime; although the crown/bridge/denture portion of your replacement may wear down with time and require replacement). To help you get the most out of your brand new smile, North Miami implant dentist Dr. Arun Garg explains the proper care of your dental implants.

Immediate Care

Because placing dental implants requires surgery, special care is required following your treatment to ensure the proper healing of your jawbone and oral tissues. Take care not to exercise or perform any strenuous activity that can increase the blood flow to your surgery site. Try to limit speaking, laughing, and chewing, especially during the first 24 hours. Dr. Garg will explain in detail an acceptable diet to limit disturbance to the tender tissues, and may prescribe medication, including antibiotics. Be sure to take all medications prescribed to reduce the chance of infection or other complications that can hinder the healing the process.

In it for the Long-Haul

After your gums and jawbone have healed, and your permanent dental prosthetic is attached to your implant(s), caring for your new smile will be similar to caring for your natural smile. Be sure to brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and to floss at least once, preferably before bedtime. Preventing dental diseases can help ensure a longer lifespan for your implants and replacement teeth, so adhere to a strict routine of dental checkups and cleanings as often as Dr. Garg recommends to increase your chances of maintaining a clean and healthy smile.

Restore Your Smile with Implants from Your North Miami Dentist

For more detailed instructions on post-operative dental implant care, request a complimentary copy of Dr. Garg’s 75 page book, “The After Dental Surgery Healing Guide,” including Instructions after Surgery, Menus of Foods to Eat after Surgery and Exercises/Nutrition to Enhance Healing after Surgery. To learn more about tooth loss and dental implants, or to schedule a dental consultation with your North Miami implant dentist, contact the Center for Complete Dentistry by calling 305-935-4991, or visit our website to schedule your appointment online. Located in the 33180 area, we proudly serve patients from Miami, Highland Lakes, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding communities.

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