Why Your Heart Thanks You for a Clean Mouth

clean smile 193x300 Why Your Heart Thanks You for a Clean MouthA clean and healthy mouth is a reward unto itself. Keeping your teeth and gums free of disease helps ensure that your smile lasts your whole lifetime and the absence of infections can help maintain your smile’s presentability. According to research, there are also more profound benefits to a healthy mouth that include improving your chances of avoiding or defeating certain heart health issues. As a dedicated dentist in Miami, FL, Dr. Arun Garg understands that a healthy mouth is an important component to a healthy lifestyle, and describes a few of the ways in which good oral health is linked to your heart health.

Gum Disease, Oral Bacteria, and Cardiovascular Inflammation

Gum disease is a major concern in this country. Nearly 80% of adults in America have gum disease to some extent, and it remains the number one cause of adult tooth loss. The disease begins with a bacterial inflammation (a result of excessive plaque buildup) that irritates your gum tissue and incites your immune system’s inflammatory response. In fact, one of the first signs of gum disease is red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Left unchecked, the disease will work to destroy your gum tissue and jawbone, eradicating your teeth’s supportive structures. Also, the diseased soft tissues in your mouth can allow oral bacteria to enter your bloodstream, potentially causing the same damage in other areas of your body. In fact, research has determined that the presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis can accelerate the progression of atherosclerosis—a disease of the arteries that can be made worse through inflammation.  

Dental Work in the Midst of Heart Troubles

When your heart is ill, invasive dental procedures are best postponed until you’ve recovered, and even then your heart must be closely monitored. Depending on your specific heart condition, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), or heart attack recovery, certain precautions must be taken before any procedures are done. Oxygen and nitroglycerin should always be handy during your visit, and Dr. Garg will carefully monitor your heart to reduce the risk of complications. Be sure to tell Dr. Garg about any medical issues you have, as well as the medications and doses you are taking. Most dental care will also require a conversation with your physician to help ensure maximum safety.

Excellent Dental Care with Your Miami, FL, Dentist

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