Miami Dentist Explains Reasons to Smile, Part 2

beautiful woman with a coy smile 200x300 Miami Dentist Explains Reasons to Smile, Part 2Last week, we discussed a few of the benefits of a confident smile, including an improved mood and atmosphere as others smile along with you.  However, as complex and universally recognized as a smile is, it can also provide a beneficial and subtle means of communication. Even when we are not aware of the fact, we use our smiles for specific purposes in certain situations, conveying all sorts of signals that may not otherwise be conveyed. Continuing our glimpse into the benefits of smiling, Miami dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, explores the lesser known values of the pleasant expression.

The Hidden Benefits of Smiling

  • Garner trust—According to a study that examined smiling and the perception of trust, people who smile are more often seen as altruistic and trustworthy. The research suggests that in situations where sharing was an important component, participants exhibited more genuine smiles than in the control portion of the study. Apparently, if you want someone to trust you, try smiling at them.
  • Recover from a slip up—Social mishaps are a part of life, albeit a bigger part for some people than for others. How you handle a mishap, however, can determine others’ reactions to it. Smiling in embarrassment after you forget a name, slip on a banana, fall victim to a prank, or otherwise fall into a tight social spot, can help elicit empathy and forgiveness from others, lessening the impact of the event.
  • Exude politeness—Sometimes, we smile when there isn’t really justification for it. For instance, if a friend seems excited about a movie they’ve seen that means nothing to you, chances are you would smile at their enthusiasm, even if only to avoid being rude.

Maximize Your Smile with Help from Your Miami Dentist

To learn more about how smiling can benefit you, or to find out how to transform your smile, contact your Miami dentist at the Center for Complete Dentistry by calling 305-935-4991, or visit our website to schedule your appointment online. Located in the 33180 area, we proudly serve patients from Miami, Highland Lakes, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding communities.

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