Miami Dentist Helps You Fight Back Against TMJ Pain

hurting jaw 200x300 Miami Dentist Helps You Fight Back Against TMJ PainThis week, we’ve spoken extensively about the intricacies of TMJ disorder, which affects the joints and muscles that connect your lower jaw (mandible) to the temporal bones in your skull. The discomfort can often be debilitating; it can manifest itself in a variety of areas, including your head, neck, face, and shoulders; and when left untreated, TMJ disorder can lead to extensive damage to your oral health. Because of the diversity of its symptoms, TMJ disorder is frequently left untreated, and the pain can often continue for years before being diagnosed and treated. If you experience chronic TMJ pain, you should visit your Miami dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, Dr. Garg advises these tips to relieve your discomfort at home.

TMJ Relief at Home

  • Experts have not pinned down a universal cause of TMJ disorder, but they agree that excessive stress is a significant contributing factor. If you feel especially stressed in your daily life, try engaging in stress-relieving activities such as daily exercise or yoga.
  • For more immediate relief, try applying a heating pad or hot-water bottle to the troublesome area. Heat is an effective muscle relaxant, and can ease the tension that often causes TMJ disorder’s widespread aching. Take care to keep the heat low enough that it doesn’t burn your skin.
  • While heat can relieve muscle tension and spasms, cold is just as effective as a pain reliever. For optimal results, alternate an ice pack with your heating element to relieve both aching and pain.
  • Some daily habits can also contribute to your TMJ disorder, such as chewing on inanimate objects and habitually grinding your teeth (bruxism). Make an effort to be aware of these habits and consciously put a stop to them to decrease the amount of pressure placed on your troubled jaw joints.

Treat TMJ Disorder with Help from Your Miami Dentist

Although these steps can help you temporarily ease the pain of TMJ disorder, treating it is essential to finding long-lasting relief. To help avoid debilitating discomfort stemming from jaw troubles, or to learn more about TMJ disorder and its damaging effects on your oral health, contact your Miami dentist at the Center for Complete Dentistry by calling 305-935-4991, or visit our website to schedule your appointment online. Located in the 33180 area, we proudly serve patients from Miami, Highland Lakes, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding communities.

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