Miami Cosmetic Dentist Helps Preserve Facial Esthetics

older woman with beautiful healthy smile 300x279 Miami Cosmetic Dentist Helps Preserve Facial EstheticsWhen you lose a tooth, there is more to consider than the gap left in your smile. The vacancy may be enough to prompt most people to replace lost teeth, but most tooth replacements only serve as placeholders in your smile and do not address the physiological consequences of a missing tooth root. As the years progress, you may begin to notice these changes, but only because the damage has already been done, and correcting it may require a number of invasive procedures to rebuild your smile’s damaged foundation. Miami cosmetic dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, is dedicated to helping you preserve the health and beauty of your entire smile, including the facial features that surround it, and can help you prevent. jawbone deterioration and facial collapse that can follow tooth loss.

Jawbone Deterioration and Facial Collapse

Delving below the visible part of your tooth, its root extends past your gum tissue and into your jawbone, which supports and nourishes it. When you chew, bite, or speak, the stimulated tooth root acts as a beacon for nutrients that keep your jaw and teeth strong. Every time a tooth is lost, this nutrient supply diminishes and your jawbone slowly weakens from the deficiency. Even if you restore your smile with a dental bridge or denture, your jaw will eventually grow too malnourished to support your remaining natural teeth, and further tooth loss can occur. If left unchecked, jawbone loss eventually becomes noticeable in the form of facial collapse—the sunken-jaw appearance that many people experience years after they’ve lost most or all of their teeth.

Dental Implants to the Rescue

Replacing your teeth with a dental crown, bridge, full denture, or partial denture is still vital to maintaining your oral health, but by anchoring your prosthetic teeth to a dental implant, you can help prevent subsequent jawbone deterioration. Shaped to mimic a tooth’s root, a dental implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone, which fuses to the biocompatible titanium shell to hold the implant as securely as if it were a natural root. Aside from providing a sturdy base for your replacement teeth, implants can also restore the stimulation that keeps your jaw healthy and nourished and helps prevent facial collapse.

Beautiful Smiles with Your Miami Dentist

To learn more about tooth loss and dental implants, or to schedule a dental consultation with your Miami cosmetic dentist, contact the Center for Complete Dentistry by calling 305-935-4991, or visit our website to schedule your appointment online. Located in the 33180 area, we proudly serve patients from Miami, Highland Lakes, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding communities.

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