Exploring TMJ Disorder with Your Miami Dentist

jaw hurts 224x300 Exploring TMJ Disorder with Your Miami DentistSome people take pride in their ability to handle distress without complaining about it. This stubbornness may serve a purpose in some situations, but when it comes to chronic pain that you think you may just have to deal with, you might be doing your health a great disservice by ignoring the warning signs. To help underscore the importance of paying attention to constant, nagging pain, your Miami dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, explores the phenomenon of TMJ disorder and its effects on your dental health.

Do You Have an Ache that Won’t Go Away?

Headaches, earaches, and discomfort in your neck are common maladies that can occur seemingly without explanation. Typically, you may chock it up to a stressful day or two, and while stress can definitely exacerbate your condition, there could be an underlying issue that you will have to address if you wish to find relief. Your dentist probably wouldn’t top your list of who to see about your headache, but the truth is that your oral health can affect a lot more than just your teeth and gums.

Even with a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums, it would be largely for naught if your mouth couldn’t move. This is accomplished by the joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull, called temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and the muscles that surround them. Excessive stress, habitual tooth grinding, an uneven bite, or a host of other issues can cause these joints to become misaligned, often resulting in a popping and/or cracking sound when you move your jaw. The discomfort of TMJ disorder can spread outward from your damaged jaw joints, manifesting itself throughout your oral and maxillofacial regions (i.e., jaw, mouth, head, and neck). If left untreated, TMJ disorder can continue to worsen until surgery may be needed to correct your jaw and restore function to your mouth.

Treating TMJ Disorder in Miami

To learn more about TMJ disorder and its damaging effects on your oral health, or to schedule a dental consultation with your Miami dentist, contact the Center for Complete Dentistry by calling 305-935-4991, or visit our website to schedule your appointment online. Located in the 33180 area, we proudly serve patients from Miami, Highland Lakes, North Miami Beach, and the surrounding communities.


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