A Brief Journey Through Time with Your Miami Dentist

past now future 300x200 A Brief Journey Through Time with Your Miami DentistThe hunger to learn is a driving tenet of the human spirit, and has powered remarkable innovations in technology, science, medicine, and much more. Dentistry does not often play a dominant role in the media or garner the attention that other advancing fields enjoy. Yet, dentistry has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and has become an established field for impressive innovation. To honor the long and interesting road that has led to today’s advanced oral health care, Miami dentist Dr. Arun Garg explores some highlights of dentistry’s past.

Milestones in Dentistry’s History

  • Although dentistry has only been an established profession for a couple hundred years, the practice of treating troublesome teeth extends at least as far back as 7000 BC. Experts discovered remains from this period that included teeth with holes carved out of them, much like a procedure to remove infected tooth tissue and stop tooth decay.
  • The earliest known reference to someone specifically as a dental health practitioner is on the tomb of the ancient Egyptian scribe, Hesy Ra, from around 3000 BC. The inscription refers to him as the greatest of all physicians, and of those who work on teeth.
  • From 400-100 BC, the Etruscans, which populated the central hills of Italy, created dental crowns and bridges that matched the quality of those made in Europe and America in the late 1800s.
  • At the start of the Middle Ages, the majority of knowledge was held by the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, medicine and surgery were typically performed by monks, until the pope declared that shedding blood, even during an operation, was against their priestly duties. Barbers inherited these responsibilities, since they already possessed the sharp tools necessary. By the 1700s, anyone in France who wanted to practice dentistry had to pass a prescribed examination.

Advanced Dentistry in Miami

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