Can Lasers add Precision to Your Dental Work?

woman showing interest 270x300 Can Lasers add Precision to Your Dental Work? According to remains found in what is now Pakistan, humans have been trying to cure their dental woes for at least 9000 years. The teeth, which dated back to around 7000 BC, had holes carved out of their centers, much like modern procedures that remove infected tooth tissue to save a tooth from decay. Today, dentistry has advanced exponentially, and while many concepts remain the same, the tools that are now available at your dentist’s office would astound dental practitioners of the past. Today, Miami dentist Dr. Arun Garg explains how the once-futuristic concept of lasers can be applied today for more comfortable and precise dental care.

The Harmful Microbes that Roam Your Mouth

Legend once stated that the reason your teeth hurt on occasion is due to a worm (aptly-named “the tooth worm”) that burrows into your teeth. When it moves, it causes discomfort. We now know that there is no such thing as a tooth worm, but there are harmful living things in your mouth that can be considered the source of many common dental troubles. In fact, there over 600 different kinds of these germs, all with their own unique purposes and properties. Some produce acid that dissolves your tooth enamel in preparation for tooth decay, while others incite inflammation in your oral tissue and significantly contribute to gum disease. Treating these issues typically involves removing infected tissue, while preventing them largely depends on controlling the harmful bacteria population. Both of these methods can be achieved with comfort and ease through the use of our state-of-the-art dental CO­2 laser.

It’s All About Focus

Unlike Luke Skywalker’s destructive light saber, or the barrage of lasers that are often fired in sci-fi and adventure movies, our dental CO­2 laser relies on precise focus (and, also, is not deadly). It emits infrared radiation that is highly absorbed in water, and can be adjusted for continuous, pulsed, or superpulse emission. Since approximately 75-95% of your soft oral tissue is comprised of water, the laser can instantly vaporize tissue and bacteria at its focal point. The laser’s extreme focus helps ensure that surrounding tissues are not affected by the heat, allowing for exceptional precision, reduced discomfort, and less swelling.

Exceptional Dental Health in Miami

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