Miami Dentist Tests Your Knowledge of Dental Implants

quiz 300x300 Miami Dentist Tests Your Knowledge of Dental ImplantsDental implants are the topic of much conversation these days. As the most innovative tooth replacement option available today, dental implants not only replace the teeth you’ve lost; they also help prevent further tooth-loss, and provide improved comfort over stability over other options. We’ve also spoken extensively regarding the advantages of dental implants, and today, Miami dentist Dr. Arun Garg tests your knowledge of the modern marvels.

Dental Implant Quiz


How many teeth can dental implants replace?

a.      One tooth
b.      Multiple teeth in a row
c.      Multiple teeth in various places
d.      All of your teeth

With the proper care and maintenance, how long can dental implants last?

a.      5-10 years
b.      10-15 years
c.      15-20 years
d.      A lifetime

Which of the following are NOT benefits of dental implants?

a.      Prevent remaining teeth from shifting
b.      Reverse gum disease and tooth decay
c.      Stop jawbone deterioration
d.      Restore your smile’s look and function


A-D—Technically, this is a trick question, because dental implants are ideal for all tooth loss situations. Whether you’ve lost one, more than one, or all of your teeth, dental implants can replace the roots of those teeth and restore proper tooth function.

D—With proper maintenance and carefully following Dr. Garg’s instructions, your dental implant(s) can last a lifetime. Your dental prosthesis (i.e., crown, denture, etc.) may require replacement after years of use. However, unlike traditional replacements, the prosthesis can simply be replaced without requiring extensive re-measuring.

B—Dental implants are an excellent choice for repairing tooth loss and preventing the damage that tooth loss can cause. Unfortunately, reversing oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease are not among the benefits that dental implants provide your oral health.

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