Miami Dentist Explains the Specialties of Dentistry

girl with a pretty smile 200x300 Miami Dentist Explains the Specialties of DentistryThe earliest evidence of humans working on teeth dates back nearly 9000 years. In a Neolithic graveyard in what is now Pakistan, researchers discovered numerous teeth with near-perfect holes carved out of them. While dental work has been practiced for thousands of years, dentistry has only been a specific science for a couple hundred years. Since then, dental knowledge has grown exponentially, and separate specialties have been developed to handle specific areas of your oral health. Miami dentist Dr. Arun Garg explains some common dental specialties and the areas of your mouth they concentrate on.


The field of endodontics deals with issues concerning the inside, or pulp, of your tooth. The word stems from the Greek endo, or “inside,” and odons, meaning “tooth.” Endodontists specialize in treating teeth that are cracked or otherwise damaged, or that are severely infected. Root canal therapy is commonly performed by an endodontist, especially if the decay is particularly severe.


From the Greek peri, “around,” and odons, “tooth,” periodontics is concerned with the structures that surround and support your teeth. This includes your gums, but also includes your jawbone and ligaments that connect your gums to your teeth. Issues concerning gum disease, gum recession, or other periodontal issues are often referred to a periodontist for specialized treatment.


As with most other areas of your body, dentistry also has a specialty to address replacing missing parts. A prosthodontist is mainly concerned with the issues and complications resulting from tooth loss, and also diagnoses and plans the replacement of teeth for optimal function and comfort.

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