A Quiz on Fun Dental Facts from Your Aventura Dentist

TrueOrFalse 206x300 A Quiz on Fun Dental Facts from Your Aventura DentistBefore toothbrushes were invented, people used their fingers or twigs to brush their teeth. An early form of toothpaste was crushed eggshells. Your Aventura dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, tests your knowledge and offers some interesting dentistry facts that may surprise you.


Q1. True or False – Toothache remedies in ancient history included dried cow’s dung, tying a frog to your jaw, saffron and myrrh applied to your shoulder, and mouthwash made from boiling dog’s teeth in wine.

Q2. True or false – People that have nice-looking, confident smiles in yearbook photos are likely to excel in their careers.

Q3. True or false – Beaver’s teeth are generally replaced every eight days.

Q4. True or false – Two centuries ago, tooth decay was considered a plight that only rich people had to endure.


A1. FALSE – Most of these were attempted to treat toothache pain, but tying a frog to the jaw was thought to help firm up loose teeth.

A2. TRUE – A study at UC Berkeley in California found that well-being and success can be predicted by the naturalness and width of a student’s smile in their yearbook photograph.

A3. FALSE – Actually, sharks are the animals that have replacement teeth constantly forming. New teeth generate by the row in shark’s mouths, so they won’t miss a beat if teeth are dislodged while hunting. Beavers could probably take a cue from rats, which have continuously growing front teeth. This explains why the misunderstood rodents are known for non-stop nibbling. You would want to gnaw on everything you came in contact with, too, if you were in a constant state of teething.

A4. TRUE – During that period in time, only the wealthy had the financial resources to afford indulgent sugary foods, which would contribute to rapid tooth decay. According to the history books, Queen Elizabeth I was in need of extensive dental work.

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