Aventura Doctor Can Help You Calm Your Dental Fears

NervousWoman 200x300 Aventura Doctor Can Help You Calm Your Dental FearsMany people have such intense fears over going to the dentist that they’ll allow a dental issue to get to a point where much more extensive work is necessary. Unfortunately, this creates a vicious cycle, since a more routine procedure may have sufficed with diligent visits to the dentist. Now, faced with a host of recommendations to get their smile back in working order, the patient with fear over going to the dentist develops even more anxiety. In some cases, dental fear is so crippling that it qualifies as a phobia. Your Aventura dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, explores the differences between dental anxieties and dental phobias.

Dental Anxieties

To put it simply, mild to moderate anxiety is less intense than a full-blown phobia. That is not to say that the feelings you experience when you are anxious are not real and upsetting. People with dental anxiety may have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past, or may just have an overactive imagination that fears the unknown. Finding a dentist with a gentle bedside manner, who takes the time to answer your questions, connect with you, and put your fears at ease, might be all you need to start taking control of your preventive dental care. Visiting the dentist every six months for checkups will not only help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay, but the repetitive nature of regular visits will make much of your anxiety dissipate.

Dental Phobias

People with a dental phobia have an extreme and intense fear of the dentist. The level of anxiety is so acute in someone with a dental phobia that they would often times just as soon let all of their teeth fall out then go to the dentist for a checkup. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility if they are not getting the plaque and tartar build-up cleaned off their teeth regularly, and undergoing x-rays to search for early cavities that need attention.

Sedation Dentistry in Aventura

Whether you’re mildly anxious about dental appointments, or you have a true dental phobia, we offer a sedation option for our patients at the Center for Complete Dentistry. We use a safe oral dental sedation technique that should calm your fears and alleviate your discomfort. Our compassionate sedation dentist, Dr. Arun Garg will listen to your concerns and provide you with a pleasant dental experience. To arrange an appointment at Center for Complete Dentistry in Aventura, Florida, call (305) 935-4991 or visit us online at centerforcompletedentistry.com. We are happy to serve patients in the 33180 zip code.

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