Single in Aventura? Don’t Let Bad Breath Spoil First Dates

shutterstock 84981037 200x300 Single in Aventura? Don’t Let Bad Breath Spoil First DatesWhich is a bigger first date nightmare: a bad hair day or foul breath? Who sounds like a worse date: someone with an annoying laugh or someone with bad breath? If you answered bad breath for both of these questions, then you are most likely in the majority. Foul mouth odors are targeted by breath mint ads, making fresher breath seem like it has as much sex appeal as the little black dress.

If you are playing the dating game in Miami, don’t let bad breath spoil your chances with Mr. or Mrs. Right. Our Aventura dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, will explain the different causes of bad breath and how our Aventura dental office can help you get rid of foul mouth odors.

Causes of Bad Breath: Xerostomia

One of the most notorious causes of bad breath, xerostomia, involves chronic dry mouth. Lack of saliva can be harmful to your oral health and your dating life. Saliva production cleanses your mouth regularly as you swallow. This washes away pathogens, odor-causing bacteria, and acid formation. Saliva balances the pH levels in your mouth, preventing acid erosion from causing cavities. In addition, saliva keeps your mouth clean of dead cells and food particles that can cause foul breath.

Dry Mouth and Foul Breath

With a lack of saliva, you face a higher risk of bad breath among other oral health issues including tooth decay and gum disease. Dr. Garg can help you determine the cause of your xerostomia, and provide treatment for dry mouth. With a hydrated mouth, you can have fresher, more kissable breath to feel your best on the dating scene.

Preventive Dentistry

Stay tuned to our next dental blog to learn more about the causes of bad breath and how our Aventura dentist can help. For more information about dental care contact our The Center for Complete Dentistry at 305-935-4991. You can make appointments conveniently online as well.

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