How Tooth Decay Could Ruin Your Chances for a Second Date

shutterstock 109161500 300x229 How Tooth Decay Could Ruin Your Chances for a Second DateLast week we discussed how bad breath from xerostomia can spoil your dating game. While dry mouth is one of the main contributors to foul mouth odors, xerostomia is not the only reason for bad breath. Our Aventura dentist, Dr. Arun Garg will explain why singles should not ignore dental checkups and cleanings.

How Cavities Cause Bad Breath

How can a dental checkup get you a second date? Bad breath prevention. With tooth decay as a major cause of offensive breath, prevention is your best measure against foul mouth odor. A cavity can make your mouth feel and smell stale because your tooth is literally deteriorating. The odor-causing bacteria not only erode your tooth, but also produce a decaying smell in your mouth.

Dental Checkups Prevent Stale Breath from Tooth Decay

At a dental checkup, Dr. Arun Garg can look for these signs of tooth decay with thorough diagnostics. We use digital dental X-rays to illuminate vibrant images of what lies beneath the surface of your tooth. This will show our Aventura dentist where tooth decay is hidden beneath dental work, or beyond the vision of the naked eye. In addition, dental exams can give Dr. Garg insight into other oral health problems that may arise.

White Fillings Discretely Address Cavities

By detecting and addressing cavities, Dr. Arun Garg can help you prevent bad breath as well as the spread of infection. At our Aventura dental office, we use composite resin fillings matched to the color of your smile to restore your tooth without hurting your image. With a white filling, your date will be oblivious to your dental work and your previous struggle with stale breath.

Preventing Bad Breath in Aventura

At our Aventura dental office, we look forward to helping you look and feel your best no matter what your relationship status. For more information about dental care, contact The Center for Complete Dentistry at 305-935-4991. You can make appointments conveniently online as well.

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