Aventura Dentist Answers Root Canal FAQs

shutterstock 27532312 243x300 Aventura Dentist Answers Root Canal FAQsWhat is a root canal?

Inside your tooth is a channel of nerves, blood cells, and living tissue that connects from the jawbone to the center of your tooth. These channels, called root canals, are inside your tooth root. Every root canal is different. Some have accessory canals that split off from the main root canal. Others are curved or shaped irregularly. When these root canals become infected, you may experience extreme toothache, tooth sensitivity to temperatures, and pain with biting down.

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment involves removing infection from root canals. This conservative dental procedure saves the tooth from abscess and rebuilds the tooth structure with gutta percha filling. Depending on the amount of damage to the tooth crown, our Aventura dentist, Dr. Garg may use composite resin, an inlay, onlay, or a porcelain crown. Each of these restorations varies in strength and durability. Our tooth-colored composite resin fillings are better for smaller sites of decay. For patients with bruxism or teeth with extensive damage, we recommend a stronger filling like ceramic inlays or onlays.

Are root canals painful?

Unlike its reputation, root canals are actually about as uncomfortable as a filling. Careful local anesthesia and advanced technology allow our dental team to perform root canals with efficiency and care. At our dental office in Aventura, we will take extra measures to ensure you feel comfortable with your dental procedure. We look for every opportunity to keep you educated about your dental health condition and what services we can offer to help.

Restorative Dentistry Procedures in Aventura

Our comprehensive dental office offers restorative dentistry services from complicated endodontics to minimally invasive fillings. If you are experiencing toothache or haven’t seen the dentist in a while, contact our South Florida dentist office, Center for Dental Implants in Aventura, Florida at (305) 935-4991.

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