Dental Implant Quiz from Your Aventura Dentist

shutterstock 87321898 300x200 Dental Implant Quiz from Your Aventura DentistThis year our blogs have covered topics on restorative dentistry, what to look for in an implant dentist, and how dental implants can improve your oral health. Today, our Aventura implant dentist will check to see if you were paying attention with this dental implant quiz. Test your knowledge on this popular restorative dentistry procedure with these three questions, then check your answers by clicking “Read More”

Answer These Questions About Dental Implants

Q1. How can dental implants improve your oral health?

A. Prevent teeth drifting

B. Stop jawbone deterioration

C. Replace tooth function

D. All of the above


Q2. True or False: Candidates for dental implants need a healthy jawbone.


Q3. Which of the following can be anchored by dental implants for better security?

A. Porcelain veneers

B. Dentures

C. Porcelain crowns

D. Dental bonding

Dental Implant Quiz Answers

A1. D—All of the above are ways that dental implants can improve your dental health and total wellbeing. These dental restorations multitask to not only restore your ability to chew and speak with ease, but also prevent several dental health issues. Dental implants prevent jawbone shrinkage and malocclusion from teeth drifting, both common symptoms of tooth loss.

A2. True—Dental implant patients must have a healthy jawbone so that the implant can bond securely. Dr. Garg will take diagnostic X-rays to determine your jaw health. If there is not sufficient jawbone for the procedure, he may recommend bone grafting to build back your jaw or mini dental implants for geriatric patients.

A3. B—Implant dentures, or hybrid dentures, are dental restoration attached to the jawbone by four or more dental implants. Implant dentures offer better security than traditional dentures since the dental implant is bonded with the jawbone.

Implant Dentistry in Aventura

For more information about addressing tooth loss with dental implants, contact our Avenura dentist, Dr. Arun Garg, at the Center for Complete Dentistry at (305) 935-4991. We serve patients throughout south Florida including Aventura and Miami.

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