Protect Your Oral Health and Your Quality of Life Against Oral Cancer

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In last week’s blog, we discussed the risk factors associated with oral cancer including age and lifestyle. For instance, while anyone can be diagnosed with oral cancer, smokers and patients over 40 are at higher risk. In addition, we discovered that smokeless tobacco is not necessarily better for your oral health than cigarettes. In this week’s blog, learn what you can do to fight back against oral cancer.

Know the Symptoms of Oral Cancer

One of the biggest reasons oral cancer claims many lives in the United States every year is a lack of awareness of the symptoms of oral cancer. Increase your knowledge of oral cancer symptoms so that you can be on the lookout for this deadly condition. Here are a few signs of oral cancer that can appear on any of the soft tissues in your mouth or throat:

  • White or red sores that do not heal in ten days
  • A sudden bite misalignment
  • Change in your oral tissue coloration
  • A lump in your throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Unexplained change in your voice
  • Facial numbness

How Dental Checkups Can Protect You From Oral Cancer

Unfortunately, many of these oral cancer signs go unnoticed. Some of the early symptoms of oral cancer are so discrete and painless that the patient will be unaware of any signs at all. With good prognosis depending on early treatment, your best defense against oral cancer is preventive dental care. Our Aventura dentist performs thorough oral cancer screenings at every dental checkup. If you are over 40, or use tobacco, you may need more frequent dental checkups than twice a year.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Aventura

If you fear you are at risk of oral cancer, be proactive about preserving your quality of life. For more information, or to schedule an dental exam contact our Aventura dentist officeCenter for Complete Dentistry, at (305)935-4991.

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