Exciting News in Dentistry: Dental Stem Cells Part II

Aventura Dentist Explains the Benefits of Dental Stem Cells

lab scientists dental stem cells 300x200 Exciting News in Dentistry: Dental Stem Cells Part II

In the previous blog, we discussed how dental stem cells, an emerging research topic, is making strides to determine how the stem cells from baby teeth may benefit the patient with potential diseases. Included in those health conditions, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and jawbone deterioration are all believed to have treatment potential with dental stem cells. Dentists and other researchers believe that dental stem cells may be a better alternative to other stem cell sources for the following reasons.

How Dental Stem Cells are Different from Traditional Sources

Dental stem cells are easier to store. Tooth banks are becoming a popular industry for freezing primary teeth and wisdom teeth with many dental offices providing secure transportation and even certificates for tooth fairies. Dental stem cells do not carry the same ethical and controversial baggage of other sources like embryonic stem cells. Additionally, they do not require painful surgeries like bone marrow stem cells. Dental stem cells can be collected from simple wisdom teeth extractions or collection of deciduous primary teeth.

What if I Already Stored My Child’s Cord Blood Stem Cells

TERT is an important acronym in stem cell research. This type of cell, called telomerase reverse transcriptase, allows cell division and growth. This means that more cells can be generated from the master stem cell. Even if you stored your child’s cord blood stem cells, dental stem cells may still benefit your child in the future. Unlike cord blood stem cells, dental stem cells are thought to regenerate and repair connective tissues, neuronal tissues, and dental tissues. 

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