Dr. Garg Focuses on Dental Phobias for Mental Health Month

relaxed woman 300x225 Dr. Garg Focuses on Dental Phobias for Mental Health MonthOvercoming Dental Fears

This May is Mental Health Month, drawing attention to the 1 in 4 people that suffer from some form of diagnosable, treatable mental health condition. According to an American Dental Association study, about 75 percent of Americans have some fear of visiting the dentist; of those 75 percent, as much as 10 percent of US adults have a dental phobia which prevents them from visiting the dentist at all costs. Our dental office in Aventura encourages patients to focus on overcoming dental fears and phobias so that they can get the treatment they need.

Dental Phobias Prevent Necessary Oral Health Care

For people with dental phobias, a cycle of avoidance results in worsening dental issues that range from severe toothache to periodontitis and abscessed teeth. The American Dental Association recommends scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings every six months, but the reality for dental phobic patients is that they may not visit the dentist for several years at a time. For patients with dental phobias, our Aventura dentist offers relief from extreme anxiety, painful dental health issues, and poor oral hygiene with sedation dentistry.

Oral Sedation in Aventura

We offer our patients options for sedation dentistry in Aventura. Oral sedation is a safe way to help you experience a comfortable dental appointment that you will not remember after the procedure. By taking prescription medication the night before and an hour before treatment, you will drift into a just-before-sleep state of consciousness. This means that you can still communicate with our dentists while remaining in a relaxed and drowsy state. For your safety, we require a companion to drive you to and from your dental appointment.

Sedation Dentistry in Aventura

Many of our patients with dental fears enjoy better oral health and even eventually overcome dental anxiety without sedation dentistry. Our compassionate sedation dentist, Dr. Arun Garg can help you get the dental health care you need. To reserve an appointment at Center for Complete Dentistry in Aventura, Florida, call (305) 935-4991 or visit us online at centerforcompletedentistry.com.

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