Aventura Dentist Discusses Dental Radiography

Why do I need more frequent dental x-rays?

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Dental X-rays are commonly used during dental checkups and cleanings. Radiology in dentistry is a vital part of preventing dental issues from becoming worse. Our Aventura dentist can screen for dental caries, bone loss, failed restorative dentistry, internally infected teeth, misaligned bite, among other compounding dental problems. While there is no set standard for how often you need a dental X-ray, some dental issues may require more frequent screenings.

If you have had restorative dental work:

Adults who have had restorative dental  work are at risk of cavities developing underneath the filling, root canal, or crown. For our Aventura dentist to see underneath the dental restoration, Dr. Garg will use a dental X-ray to detect even the smallest amount of decay. A dental X-ray may also illuminate the problem area, like a loose filling, which allowed the decay to seep past the dental restoration and continue to deteriorate your tooth.

If you have a history of gum disease:

For patients who have had periodontal disease, especially severe periodontitis, X-rays are used at a dental checkup in Aventura to screen for signs of bone loss underneath the gum line. One of the most devastating symptoms of periodontitis is damage to the jawbone from harmful infection. In addition, because smoking greatly increases your risk of gum disease, tobacco users may also be candidates for more frequent dental X-rays.

If you have dry mouth:

Xerostomia, or chronic dry mouth, leaves teeth without adequate saliva to wash away harmful bacteria and neutralize the acid in your mouth. Unchecked acid formation can deteriorate your enamel, leaving your smile vulnerable to cavities. A dental x-ray can detect even the earliest signs of dental caries so that Dr. Garg can perform the most minimally invasive restorative dentistry procedures.

Dental Checkups in Aventura

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